Aimless travels in multiverse dxd бессмысленные путешествия по мультивселенной

Aimless Travels In Multiverse / (DxD) Бессмысленные Путешествия По Мультивселенной – анонсы

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Traveling with Otaku Goddess — Aimless Travels In Multiverse — Chapter 29 by TurkishJesus full book limited free

Chapter 29: Traveling with Otaku Goddess

Once we were out on the surface I took Ereshkigal to Rin, both of them having watched FGO they knew what’s up.

Shirou straight ran out of the house when he saw two Rins. What did Archer/Rin duo do to him?

Rin and Archer was shocked to learn we’re now «dating» I must say it’s kinda awkward when you think about it, I took the samples from another Rin in the end.

Medusa was friendly towards Eresh, I never saw her being friendly to someone she just met, it took me months before she was relaxed around me but it’s fine.

It seems like Illyasviel went to Germany to «Handle» the rest of the homunculus, I don’t know what that means but she will be moving in with Shirou full time.

If you consider Illya, Illya’s maids Sakura and Medusa who’s clearly in love with this dude, Shirou has his work cut out for him, let’s hope his «sword» can withstand the pressure.

Although I might have made a mistake by letting Ereshkigal eat Emiya™ Food as her first surface experience it was a pleasant day.

Next day we toured Fuyuki on our date, I was going to propose a world tour but Ereshkigal shut me up saying she doesn’t care about the world she just wants to see specific places.

Our next destination was my home of course, since she wanted to meet my parents and my parents just stood there for a while.

Then it hit them that this girl currently playing Mario kart in the living room is an actual Goddes.

Thankfully they rebooted after seeing her getting trashed at Mario kart.

Now that we’re in my world I took her out for real and since she watched MHA this world was interesting for her.

She learned about the mystic code I am building and offered her help.

We had to cut our date quick since we ran into a villain robbing a bank and a particular green haired intern was on the scene.

Deku had to give his signature to Eresh, beautiful girls+fan makes a devastating combo.

«Ahh I never had so much fun!» Ereshkigal says as we sat on a bench at the beach watching sunset.

«Yeah, I never really toured this world much as well» Apart from the places I need to know.

«Why?» She furrowed her brows as she asked.

«Meh, never cared about it and I wasn’t much close to my classmates»

«Why Midoriya seemed good»

«I am introverted it’s rare for me to make friends»

«Huh, you seemed to enjoy the company at Emiya’s»

«I have no idea how that happened, one day I was planing their defeat in a grail war and the other I have no idea how it turned like this»

«You just need right people, now come on let’s go home my feet hurt»

«You might be in a human body but you can still use your powers you’re aware right?»

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«I don’t want to it feels cold when I use them I like how it’s warm now, it’s the best!»

We stayed at my parents for a while before I decided to get myself a house.

It’s all fine but when your parents walk in on you during sex isn’t fun, at least not fun to me.

So I made a fixed worm hole to the previous house we didn’t sell after I quit the school, me and Eresh sneak there whenever we’re going to «sleep» but meals are still had in my parents house.

«So, you two are going to another world? I thought he would stop travelling after finding a girlfriend.» My mom says.

«Let the children have their fun» Thanks dad.

«So where are you guys going now?» My dad asks while drinking his coffee (not sentient)

«Bleach»I answered calmly it’s going to be good, I can get knowledge on souls and maybe find a way to get my soul stronger without refining it in flames of void.

«Bleach!? can you get a signature from Ichigo’s dad?»

«He’s my favorite dad in Anime’s»

«Don’t go cheating on my daughter with Yoruichi.» My mom warns from her seat with narrowed eyes.

«What makes you think I could sleep with her in the first place?»

«The fact that you turned up with a goddes on your side as your girlfriend out of nowhere» She has a point.

«Nope I am fine with one women in my life» My dad literally fell from his seat.

«No way with that looks you got!» He’s really passionate about me getting a harem, can’t he see that I am barely «handling» Eresh in bed.

Wait it’s better he can’t see that.

«It’s fine Ritsuka, even most gods has multiple wives, you can sleep around» She didn’t say I can get another girlfriend.

Not that I would but just pointing out.

We entered Bleach, time of our entry is three dayz before Ichigo losing his mother Kurosaki Masaki, at this point Urahara should be in town and I could actually do something nice by saving Ichigo’s mother and feel good about it.

«So how are we going to find Urahara’s shop?» Ereshkigal asks as she makes a mana layer to protect herself from the rain, while I let it hit my body since it’s going to look good once I am soaked.

«We’re going to tour the city my dear» I say with a smile, this is technically the fourth Japanese city we’re going to tour.

«I am starting to dread touring cities, they’re all the same»

«It’s because they’re all Japan, we didn’t go to any famous touristic places and you didn’t want a world tour» I calmly point out as imaginary arrows pierce her body, at least they attempted but failed.

«Hmm let’s do that after this then show me nice places» Ereshkigal says as she takes my arm and starts walking.

«That I can do» Now should I include time travel in the tour, surely we can tame some dinosaurs.

We didn’t realize how big the Karakura Town was, this place is ridiculously big. We have walked around whole day with our above human endurance and speed and we have yet to reach halfway.

I am guessing that story is taking place in a localized part of the town since I don’t remember anyone travelling with a bus or a car.

Apart from that one episode they went to cemetery but that’s normal, most cemeteries are outside of cities since no one likes having their mortality reminded to themselves.

Fun fact, in my previous life listening music while passing by a cemetery was seen as disrespectful.

[That didn’t sound very fun Master]

So we’re currently in a hotel, which I had to use hypnosis on the workers since me and Eresh looked like a runaway couple.

At least that was the clerk’s reasoning it’s weird, do I really have to go to love hotel to get a room without questions.

«It’s funny they thought we were running, maybe we should really get married» Eresh said something amazing!

«I would be happy to but isn’t it strange to get married before a year of relationship or something» I read something like that somewhere, to live together for a year since people act very differently at home.

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«My first husband was a literal bull and second one took me by force I think I am passed the point of normal marriage» Yikes!

«Right what happened to the second one what was his name, Nergal?» Wasn’t his soul became her weapon when she gets summoned as a servant.

«He’s right here, I made his soul into my weapon.» Ereshkigal says as she manifests a yellow lance?

«Lovely?» She’s scary right now.

«Isn’t it!» Yep totally scary.

«I guess we can marry but how does one do that in Babylonian times?»

«Not much really we just promise to each other that’s all» Okay research marriages.

«You’ve watched all those anime right? don’t you want that kind of wedding?»


Names and Offers — Aimless Travels In Multiverse — Chapter 10 by TurkishJesus full book limited free

Chapter 10: Names and Offers

I woke up in the Infirmary with the sight of Recovery Girl changing my IV drop.

‘How long was I out Cortana?’

[2 Days Master, currently it’s Monday 5AM, don’t worry I have watched over your body]

Did Recovery Girl sat up all night to take care of me? that’s some dedication to work right there.

‘I still find it weird that you don’t go offline when I am out cold’

[It’s just me being an awesome quirk.]

‘Sure whatever you say. send a message to my parents to let them know I am fine.’

«How are you feeling young man? You gave us quite the scare when you passed out.» Recovery Girl asks with a grandmotherly smile while handing me some gummies, unfortunately these don’t have sugar and they taste like cheap pudding.

Thinking about it now, my parents never talked about my grandparents, I will ask them later.

«I feel fine just overloaded my head, I didn’t expect to sleep for two days though»

«Well like you said, you were showing unusual amount of brain activity but we couldn’t find a problem, so we just let you rest.»

«Thanks but I should go home there’s class in the morning» I don’t want to miss it even if it’s boring.

«Don’t worry, you can get a replacement uniform here and you’re not going anywhere until I make sure you’re completely okay»

As she was checking my temperature and heart beat etc. small might entered the room, I was kinda expecting it after what I told to Midoriya but I just said your ‘skeleton mentor’ and didn’t give any names so I can just roll like that.

«Ah you’re Midoriya’s teacher what’s up?»

«Sigh it seems like young Midoriya was telling the truth, yes let’s say I am helping him but can you tell me did you learn that with your abilities»

«You can say that»

«You didn’t think of telling it to anyone?»

«Why, not like people can’t get trainers for themselves and god knows Midoriya needs a teacher.»

One could see All Might’s shoulders relaxing as I was talking.

«Well, my name is Toshinori Yagi nice to meet you, I am a friend of the Principal so I know about your visions»

I looked at Recovery Girl and she just smiled at me, I guess Principal told her as well.

«How’s Ingenium, was Principal able to warn him on time?»

«Well. He’s alive. You might want to talk to his brother, good to see you’re up but I should be going goodnight young man» This means nothing much changed from original plot and I did my best, I will let Midoriya handle the drama.

«Goodnight?» I mean it’s 5AM it’s too late to be goodnight.

Now Iida and Midoriya knows my Pre Cognition but they should be smart enough to realize it’s a secret, well I already threatened Midoriya so it’s fine.

«Well, it looks like you’re fine to go kid but don’t work yourself too much until your blood test comes up.»

«Well it’s my job, go back to sleep I will wake you up in the morning» isn’t it already morning it’s 5AM I have like 4 hours before class how much more sleep I can get.

Does Recovery Girl even sleep?

In the morning(7AM) I got my breakfast from Lunch Rush, dude is a good cook, I wonder how it will compare to Shirou or Archer.

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Yes! I am totally making them cook for me somehow, I don’t care if I have to kidnap Taiga or whatever but I am eating Emiya™ food.

Archer should be better at cooking since, he at least lived to 20-30 years old before being hanged, he must have more experience in cooking.

*Cough* After my lunch I head to the class which was empty since there is still time before class and the whole class should be dealing with fans all over.

While waiting I decided to review what did go wrong with my use of Kaleidoscope, I don’t think I was supposed to pass out like that even with all that information.

[That might be because of me Master.]

[Since you used me to come up with a plan on the spot during the fight it filled up short term memory or rams of your brain if want to call it like that and we didn’t have enough processing power.]

‘So, you’re saying I should have reviewed the whole fight beforehand’

[Yes, it’s fine to use it like this in short bursts like the minefield but going through infinite number of possible futures on the spot is taxing especially most of those futures just ridiculous like a meteor crashing into the arena it was impossible for our world, I think we should come up with a filter system and just observe our world and similar worlds]

‘Draw out a plan I will look over it.’

It’s terrible to not have a teacher even with Rin or any other student of Zelretch he at least leaves some clues, sure his students often break or go insane but the path still in front of them.

I am completely blind diving into this.

I fell asleep while waiting and woke up to sound of Aizawa sensei hitting the board.

I swear he was smirking at me.

«All right, now that you guys showed off your quirks, it’s time for internships so you can get more experience, we will naturally get all of you in one but first, the ones that got invited after the sports festival, here’s the list»

[1- Fujimaru Ritsuka ******

2- Todoroki Shoto ******

3- Bakugou Katsuki. ]

Well it’s just like as I was expecting.

«You can get forms from me after the class and those who got invited will be given lists but for now we’re going to do something that could effect the rest of your hero carriers. «

«Another exiting event!» Everyone has this thought.

«Your hero names, but be careful if you choose something bad. » Before Aizawa sensei could finish Midnight came in.

«You will have hell to pay.» Why does everyone has so much energy.

I tuned out the rest of the class and I choose something fitting as my hero name considering my powers but after all I am not graduating so it was just me being a meme, too bad no one understood.

«DIO, Sure it’s not inappropriate but why such a name, what does it mean.»

«It’s a sacred duty to at least do this if one has time stopping ablities»

You have to go with DIO especially if you use Za Warudo, if only I was a blonde vampire and a villain.

«I don’t understand but whatever works for you I guess» Midnight sensei looks really confused over my name, I can’t really blame them this world doesn’t have the treasure called JoJo.

«Now that your names have been chosen don’t forget to submit your choices for internships by the end of the day, that’s all class dismissed.»

I took my list of invites and looked at the heroes that wanted to mentor me, one name stuck out ‘Nighteye’ I am just going to assume he heard about my visions and wants to meet me but not enough to come to me on his own.

Getting over his name I looked at others, even Endeavour is here, I figured he wouldn’t want me after I took out his son but no, there’s Best Jeanist and most of the top 10 are here.

Maybe I should go to Edgeshot, he’s a ninja he should have proper training for me, not that I was training blindly but learning from a dojo and a hero are two different things.